Create Merch

With, effortlessly create and sell your own rad fashion and merchandise.


Our platform serves up a user-friendly and intuitive experience for musicians to design and sell their custom merch, no design skills needed.


Pick from an epic range of top-notch products, personalized designs, and production options to create merch that genuinely vibes with your style and image.


If you need a hand with your designs or anything related, our dedicated design crew is ready to rock and make your brand shine.


The process is a breeze:


  • 1. Craft your own design, or let our squad whip one up for you.
  • 2. Select from an awesome assortment of products to sell, such as:
    • – Sweaters
    • – Hoodies
    • – T-shirts
    • – Lighters
    • – CDs
    • – Stickers
    • – Caps
    • – Accessories
    • – Posters
    • – And so much more.
  • 3. Place your design wherever it looks fly.
  • 4. Share the link to your online shop.
  • 5. Earn some cool cash.

Join the movement today and let’s skyrocket your music career together!